Choosing the perfect gift is almost as much fun as receiving it. And with so many wonderful days that we need to appreciates and make it memorable, hunting a special present for the persons on your list is somehow become mission impossible among some of us.

Let us, Le Zhu Xuan be there with you and you might to be the best Gift-giver in the world and we will help you to get the perfect gift for the one in your list. The gift of tea and tea-ware is almost great idea for every season especially the season as below:

a) Mother’s Day

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day to honor mothers. Since then, flowers purchased as a thoughtful and perfect gift to mothers on this day, but the sad truth is they wither and nothing left after all. But what if you could give the beautiful flowers allowed you to not only savor the flavor but allowed the recipient to enjoy its beauty all year long, we proudly recommend you to choose our Carnation Flower tea for your mother. It is not only pretty when it brewed but it could bring healthiness to your mother too, is just amazing gift ever you could gift to your mother!  

b) Father’s Day

Hey, you thought we missed out daddy? That is impossible! The average people are spending billions on Father’s Day. When asking what to give Dads as Father’s Day present, it ranged from grills to fit bits and everything in between. If the Dad on your list loves tea and/or coffee why not gift him our Parents’ Day Tea Gift Set delivers more than just a flower; you could make timeless memories by having the blooming tea with your beloved father, chillax at the backyard of yours! The tea bloom will provide a virtual garden oasis before your eyes.  Doesn’t it sound perfect? Parents’ Day Tea Gift Set is not just blooming tea inside; the gift set includes a flower tea, double layer bottle and one tea infuser. This perfect suits daddy requirements. Let’s get the Parents’ Day Tea Gift Set now for the priceless moment! With this power of love from you, he is ready to take on the world!

c) Mooncake Festival

We all know the best matches of mooncakes are TEAS! Does it sound boring when every year you are having Pu’er or Tie Guan Yin? Well! Now you can have a better choice. A greater idea to share with you by introducing our Le Zhu Xuan’s Blooming Tea to you and your family! Here is the reason why, while you enjoying the full moon and the kids playing around with the lanterns, you can also get to enjoy the flower bloomed in your front of you. Imagine the beauty of whole picture, a relaxing, harmony moment with family starts here! Share the excitement with your family this year.

d) Christmas

Christmas is a loving and caring season. On this day people are purchasing gift to their love one and friends. Gift exchanging might be a tough question for most of the people. But now we have a great idea for you by recommending you our popular Double Layer Glass Bottle. This handy bottle can be used for cold or hot drinks. And it comes with an infuser where it can be infused fruit, tea or coffee. It would be a lovely gift for your friends and family.

选择完美的礼物与收到礼物是一样有趣的。在美好的日子里,我们需要珍惜并让它变得难忘,在某种程度上寻找特别的礼物将成为我们中一些人不可能完成的任务。就让我们, 樂竹軒帮您变成礼物专家,为您找到最完美的礼物给您名单里面的那位。其实花茶和茶具对于每个季节来说都是特别的,尤其是一下的季节:

1. 母亲节


2. 父亲节


3. 中秋节


4. 圣诞节