Brewing Method:


  1. Place the blooming tea ball into a transparent glass or tea pot, suggestion to use Height 10cm, width 7cm transparent glass, to fully display the art tea style.

  2. Pour in 80° hot water and to make sure it bloom hot water is a must, second brew suggest to use a lower temperature water to ensure the flower will not get burnt.

  3. Leave it for around 3 minutes to let the blooming flower fully bloomed. Lastly, you may enjoy your wonderful day with a cup of blooming tea.

  4. The blooming teas are all natural ingredient, but you can some honey according to your personal preference.

        *Each flower may re-step for 3 to 4 times.



  1. 将准备好的花茶,放一颗透明玻璃杯或花茶壶里,建议使用大约高10cm、直径7cm以上的透明玻璃器皿,以充分展示艺术茶造型。
  2. 以80°开水冲泡,一定要热开水花才会盛开,第二泡水温可以低些,花朵就不会烫伤
  3. 等大概3分钟左右,观赏花茶出芽开花的过程,徐徐绽放出一支支绚丽多彩、造型独特的花朵。
  4. 此花茶是全天然,但可依据个人喜好加入适量的蜂蜜