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Double Layer Glass Bottle


现代人都在寻求健康与更高的生活质量。我们非常理解这一点并想向您介绍我们的双层水晶玻璃瓶。这漂亮的瓶子能为您带来健康的生活方式也能让您走在时尚的尖端,享受美味的花茶。由此使用塑料瓶可能会带来潜在有害化学物质的担忧就能迎刃而解。尽管许多塑料消耗品现已不含二苯酚(BPA – 是一种用于制造某些塑料的工业化学品),一些关于塑料瓶使用有害成分的研究可能仍未揭示。除了健康益处以外,玻璃比塑料来得更容易清洗干净,也可以在沸水中快速消毒!




Nowadays people are looking for healthy and higher living quality. We understand and would like to introduce you our Double Layer Crystal Glass Bottle. A bottle brings you healthy, modern lifestyle and enjoys the flower bloom in the delicious tea. The concerns of using plastic bottle may brings a potential harmful chemical will not apparent when you use a glass bottle. Even though many plastic consumables are now bisphenol A (BPA) free, BPA where an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics, some researches at a view of the harmful components for used of plastic bottle may still lie uncovered. Aside from the health benefits, glass is easier to clean than plastic and can be sterilized very quickly in boiling water!

West Malaysia (Free postage)

Sabah (top up postage RM8)

Sarawak (top up postage RM5)

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Japanese Style Tea Pot Set


  • 1000ML
  • 304 不锈钢茶隔
  • 明火加热不炸裂
  • 加厚高硼硅玻璃
  • 手工吹制
  • 破损免费补发


水晶茶壶(盖子又硅胶圈) 长20 cm* 高12.5 cm* 容量1000ML .

陶瓷蜡烛加热底垫 长15 cm * 高 6.5 cm


4 个双层水晶茶杯 长 5.2 cm* 高 4.5 cm * 容量 50 ml


竹制托盘 长 35 cm* 宽 25 cm* 高 3 cm


  • 盖子有硅胶圈
  • 鹰嘴设计
  • 居家、办公常备
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Flower tea set

Original price was: RM170.00.Current price is: RM100.00.

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Gift Set with 250ml Double Layer Glass Bottle

Original price was: RM240.00.Current price is: RM130.00.

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